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I have a query I'm trying to optimise. I have read an article here about optimising the Filter expression, but having no overall improvements. Wondering if anyone else has any ideas.

Basically, the initial idea was to do this;

        [Measures].[Total Orders] = 1

select [test] on 0
from [InPatient Episodes]

This takes about 15 seconds to run. Following the steps in the article above, I rewrote it like so, as I read that using Filter stops SSAS from using Block Calculation mode:

  MEMBER [test] AS 
        [Measures].[Total Orders] = 1
   ,FORMAT_STRING = "#,#0" 
  [test] ON 0
FROM [InPatient Episodes];

But this takes 15 seconds also.

The Dimension level has around 4 million members in it, and our Fact (Orders) has approx 16million rows, so it's not particularly huge.

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