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How can you get SQLCMD, when executing a SQL script file, to just output any errors or warnings it encounters?

I essentially dont want information based messages to be output.

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Hmm, in another app we could redirect error output with 2> Err.txt, but it looks like SQLCMD does not split its output. –  Jon of All Trades Jun 28 '12 at 23:26

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Found this on SQLServerCentral

sqlcmd -E -i"install.sql" -r1 2> install-err.log 1> install.log


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The following will work:

sqlcmd -U user -P pass -S Server -Q "sp_who" -r1 1> test.log

The output from the query will be put into the log and nothing is printed on the screen.

In the case of an error, it will run like this:

 sqlcmd -U user -P pass -S Server -Q "sp_notreal" -r1 1> test.log

 Msg 2812, Level 16, State 62, Server XXXX, Line 1
 Could not find stored procure 'sp_notreal'

More details at the MSDN article on sqlcmd.

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