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I have a 19GB archive table that is working as expected on one server. I copied the following 2 files to another server. The table is not working on the new server.


The first server version is 5.5.22-log MySQL Community Server (GPL) by Remi The second server version is: 5.5.20 MySQL Community Server (GPL)

What can be the reason? When I used mysqlshow db_name it would list the table, but when I use --count I do not get count. Instead I get "Opening tables" state for command Field list.


mysql seems to be writing to the ARN file...


Is this one time optimization? How do I improve the speed of ARN file creation?

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There are a couple of nice links you should check out on the ARCHIVE storage engine

You may want to think about running OPTIMIZE TABLE on the table before copying it over. I cannot make any promises on an ARCHIVE table be copied to another server. Everybody trusts MyISAM tables to be that portable.

IMHO you are probably better off, definitely safer, doing a mysqldump of the ARCHIVE table and reloading. That way, you could trust mysqld to get the table into a readable, trustworthy format on disk in the new server.

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