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I created a database backup using the expdp command in Oracle 10g. The backup appears to be created successfully. However, while restoring using impdp command I get the following error message.

ORA-39083: Object type JOB failed to create with error: ORA-00001:
unique constraint (SYS.I_JOB_JOB) violated Failing sql is:  BEGIN
14:29:31', 'YYYY-MM-DD:HH24:MI:SS'), INTERVAL=> 'sysdate + 10/1440',

 Processing object type
 "TMSMV"."SYS_IMPORT_FULL_01" completed with 1255 error(s) at 12:24:24

I used following commands:

expdp tmsmv/password full=y dumpfile=tmsdump20120113-558.dmp logfile=tmslog20120713-558.log

impdp tmsmv/password full=y dumpfile=tmsdump20120113-558.dmp logfile=tmslog20120713-558.log

How can I resolve this issue?

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Looks like there is already a job on the imported database with that job number. Just recreate the job on the import database.

The job looks to be a queue so you could, depending on your business procedures, probably run the new job to test that everything is working.

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