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I want to import data from one database to another. On the destination database, I don't have permission to restore a backup file to it, so I have only one option which is to import data.

I used the wizard and I set the option of allow identity insert, but after it ran I faced a problem with foreign keys insertion. Is there anything I missed or shall I drop the foreign keys and recreate it after import?

I really wonder why Microsoft made it complicated.

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Have you tried just disabling the FK constraints, import, then enable them again. e.g.… – Shawn Melton Aug 25 '12 at 14:12

You could drop the foreign keys, but if the tables are large and/or you have busy environment, be sure to test your insert times before you do anything on production. In regard to new keys, it shouldn't throw a problem, but if you're trying to insert duplicate keys then you'll get errors. Also, be sure to insert parent entities first (if you don't drop foreign constraints first!) then child entities.

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**Insert the parent entity first then their child otherwise it will conflict the  **FOREIGN** KEY Constraint.**
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