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I have an application called Moodle version 1.9 and was migrated from Windows platform and Microsoft SQL Server to Linux and MySQL.

Now, when I click save changes the SQL query statement from Custom SQL, it gives me "Query failed".

I would appreciate your help to advise how to fix the below SQL statement that I got from

    u.firstname AS "First",
    u.lastname AS "Last",
    c.fullname AS "Course", AS "Assignment",
    '<a href="' + char(63) +
        + 'id=' + cast( AS varchar) + '&userid=' + cast( AS varchar) +
        + '&mode=single&filter=0&offset=2">' + + '</a>'
        AS "Assignmentlink"
FROM prefix_assignment_submissions AS asb
    JOIN prefix_assignment AS a ON = asb.assignment
    JOIN prefix_user AS u ON = asb.userid
    JOIN prefix_course AS c ON = a.course
    JOIN prefix_course_modules AS cm ON = cm.course
WHERE asb.grade < 0 
    AND cm.instance = 
    AND cm.module = 1
ORDER BY c.fullname,, u.lastname
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you should use concat to join strings.

this column:

'<a href="' + char(63) +
+ 'id=' + cast( AS varchar) + '&userid=' + cast( AS varchar) +
+ '&mode=single&filter=0&offset=2">' + + '</a>'
AS "Assignmentlink"

in mysql should write as this:

concat('<a href="',char(63) , 'id=' , cast( AS varchar) , '&userid=' , cast( AS varchar)  , '&mode=single&filter=0&offset=2">' , , '</a>')
AS "Assignmentlink"
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