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I'm creating my UDT:

CREATE TYPE [dbo].[Code]

As RULES and DEFAULTS are considered deprecated, what is the recommended way to set constraint on my type to make sure that columns defined from this type contain only specific characters?

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Do you know what needs to be done if you need to change the column width from 20 to, let's say, 30 characters? – A-K Aug 28 '12 at 21:06

Currently, the only way to truly centralize/encapsulate this kind of logic (which is what I assume you're trying to do) is to use a CLR type. The good news it that this solution works with 2005+.

One alternative is to centralize the validation logic into a UDF, and then create individual check constraints that reference the UDF. If you're not using CLR already, this may be the best solution.

CREATE TYPE is very limited: when referencing a system type, it's just a type alias and nothing more. It would be nice to, for example, declare a check constraint (or something similar) that's associated with the type itself, but this is currently not implemented.

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