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I'm creating a database and all of my tables using SQL Server Express through SQL scripts. Now, I want to insert some records in tables like States (all states names), city (all city names).

How do I make a SQL script for this? I want to add this code to my sqlscripts after creating the database. Alternatively, is there a way to restore database tables by sql scripts?

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If you have a script that generates your database and all of the objects, you can just append to the end whatever DML you are looking to accomplish. For instance, if you generated a script for your entire database that contains all of the DDL, just open up that file and at the end of it put something like this:

insert into States
   -- etc...

insert into City
   -- your column list
   -- your values

Likewise, you can just have a separate script file and use SQLCMD to run your DDL script and then have a separate script containing your INSERTs and run that script afterwards. Here is a link on how to do this with SQLCMD.

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