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I have a few variable data in the column "email".

For example:


How do I get rid of the characters after .com?

I used Replace(email,'.com%',, however, we cannot use wildcard characters in Replace.

Any Suggestions?

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    SUBSTRING(col, 1, CHAR_LENGTH(col) - CHAR_LENGTH( SUBSTRING_INDEX(col, '.com', -1) ) ) ;

If you want update the strings from a table, chopping off what is on the right of .com:

    col = SUBSTRING(col, 1, CHAR_LENGTH(col) - CHAR_LENGTH( SUBSTRING_INDEX(col, '.com', -1) ) ) 
    SUBSTRING_INDEX(col, '.com', -1) <> col ;
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Does mysql have regular expressions? If so, maybe this points in the right direction

select regexp_replace ('roy2087@gmail.com123', '\.com.*','.com') email from dual;

works in Oracle, not sure about mysql.

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