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I'm trying to running this query:

    LEFT JOIN `default_profiles` ON `default_profiles`.`user_id` = `default_users`.`id` 
    `default_users`.`group_id` = '3' 
    OR `default_users`.`group_id` = '4' 
    OR `default_users`.`group_id` = '5' 
    AND `default_users`.`email` LIKE '%polar%' 
    OR `default_users`.`username` LIKE '%polar%' 
ORDER BY `default_users`.`id` DESC

But get unwanted results and don't know the cause and by unwanted results means webmaster which I think isn like %polar%. Here are some sample data for testing, any advice?

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Probably an order of operations problem... add brackets as necessary in the WHERE clause. – Jon Seigel Aug 8 '12 at 16:22
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I optimized your query. I use IN instead OR because your point to the same field default_users.group_id and I added the brackets after the AND with ( LIKE '%polar%' OR default_users.username LIKE '%polar%'). You can use || instead OR (works the same).

FROM test.default_users 
LEFT JOIN default_profiles  ON (default_profiles.user_id =
WHERE default_users.group_id IN (3,4,5)
    AND ( LIKE '%polar%' 
    OR default_users.username LIKE '%polar%')
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Yes @jon-seigel you're right and thanks for your suggestions didn't see it before :( I add some parentheses and now it works see the right query below:

SELECT * FROM (default_users) LEFT JOIN default_profiles ON
default_profiles.user_id = WHERE (default_users.group_id = '3' OR default_users.group_id = '4' OR default_users.group_id = '5') AND ( LIKE '%polar%' OR default_users.username LIKE '%polar%') ORDER BY DESC

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Otherwise, is group_id a string type? – dezso Aug 8 '12 at 16:28

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