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We are using MySQL 5.2 CE. We need to provide the business users a way to create their own ad-hoc report.

Could you give a suggestion and an example, if this can de done using PHP?

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-1 since there is no evidence of research or attempt at resolving the problem. – Max Vernon Sep 9 '12 at 16:43

I suppose you could wire up some gnarly PHP code that queries INFORMATION_SCHEMA for database objects and then presents them to your end-users using some glamorous jquery and HTML5 elements. Then you'd have to generate SQL from the user's input.

Or, you could go through a bit of effort to implement/deploy BIRT to your user base.

However, my personal preference for doing ad-hoc querying would probably be Pentaho. There's still the overhead of deploying this to your users, but I find their documentation and implementation to be straightforward and easy-to-follow. Here's a link to using Ad-Hoc reporting in the Pentaho suite.

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