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$sql = "SELECT Kill FROM tbl_pvporderview";

Problem is that I end up with: Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'Kill'.

Because kill is a T-SQL command... any way to bypass it?

I can't change the column name because it's used by the software a lot and I cant change the software that's using the database.

So it simply fails if I use sqlserv to select data from that column. '' or "" wont help.

The complete statement would be:

$sql = "SELECT serial,Kill FROM tbl_pvporderview WHERE Kill > (?) ORDER BY Kill DESC ";
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Wrap the column name in square brackets:

$sql = "SELECT [Kill] FROM tbl_pvporderview"; 
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If you want to use reserved words as table or column names, you have 2 options:

use brackets (the SQL-Server's way): SELECT [Kill]

or double-quotes (the ANSI/ISO standard): SELECT "Kill"

Your whole statement would become:

SELECT [serial], [Kill] 
FROM tbl_pvporderview 
WHERE [Kill] > (?) 
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Of course, SELECT "Kill" would necessitate that QUOTED_IDENTIFIER is ON, which is the ANSI standard as mentioned. I recently inherited a database on SQL 2008 where it was still SET OFF. (Doh!) – Delux Aug 23 '12 at 13:34

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