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I've got a .tdf SQL Server Profiler trace template someone wants me to run but the template is targeting SS 2008 R2. While my SSMS is 2008 R2 the server I need to trace is SS 2005. When attempting to trace the server the server type is locked (generated from the actual server) so I can't just select the template I need while it's marked as a different SS version..

Trace Template Properties window

How can I change which server type the trade template is targeting? I've tried File > Templates > Edit Templates... but there doesn't seem to be an option to change this. Is it possible to change the target server version or does the whole trace have to be made again from scratch?

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This is technically about the SSMS feature called "SQL Server Profiler" but we don't seem to have an explicit tag for that. –  Ben Brocka Aug 29 '12 at 21:43
I'm not sure, but you might be able to change the target version by editing the .tdf file directly using something like Notepad++ –  Max Vernon Aug 29 '12 at 21:47
@MaxVernon already tried, it's a binary –  Ben Brocka Aug 29 '12 at 21:49

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If you open Profiler, go to File > Templates > Import and choose your .tdf file.

You will have a new user trace template with the name [filename] (without the .tdf). Go to File > Templates > Edit and pick the trace template you imported. You should then be able to edit the server type by pulling the dropdown:

enter image description here

Then you can save the template and that should be the server type when you start a new trace using that template.

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Okay, that does work. Important to note that when you pick the different server type, the template name disappears (it re-filters the templates to show you the selected server type's templates), but if you save it does edit the selected template. Disorienting, but now I know. –  Ben Brocka Aug 30 '12 at 13:21
@Ben Yeah it is weird. Profiler's on the chopping block - embrace Extended Events now. –  Aaron Bertrand Aug 30 '12 at 13:22

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