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Im trying to connect to a remote sql server using windows authenication. I'm using visual studio 2012 and going to a remote sql server 2012. I have already checked in sql studio that it is set up for both sql authentication and windows authentication. I'm getting an error message Login failed for user ad\dkboon01

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are you able to connect SQL server using SSMS? Also try running visual studio "run as admin". – Hardik Aug 29 '12 at 12:43

Have you enabled Remote Connection to the server.
On 2008 (I assume 2012 is similar location)
Connect to Mgt Studio on local machine, right click on server & choose properties.
Connection Tab
Tick "Allow remote connection to this server"
Restart SQL Server

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Are you sure that the Windows User ad\dkboon01 is added as a login in SQL Server? Just because you are able to use Windows Authentication doesn't necessarily mean that particular user has access. It has to be added as a principle, or be part of a Group that is a principle. Access is explicit.

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