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I want to create a table which has hiredate and Interval of hiredate and sysdate. How to create a column that automaticlaly stores the calculation.

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I don't believe you can.

The expression you use to create a virtual column must be deterministic, i.e. always return the same value when called with the same arguments. Involving the current date is fundamentally incompatible with that requirement.

You could use a plain old view though.

create table mytab (hiredate date);
create view myview
   numtodsinterval(sysdate-hiredate, 'day') delta
 from mytab;

insert into mytab values (to_date('20120101', 'YYYYMMDD'));
select * from myview;


01/01/12    247 9:15:55.0
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+1 In the description Oracle Database Error Messages 11g Release 2 (…) of the following error it is explicitly stated that a deterministic function does not have to depend on the current time: ORA-30553: The function is not deterministic Cause: ...If it is not deterministic (it depends on package state, database state, current time, or anything other than the function inputs) ... – miracle173 Sep 4 '12 at 7:47

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