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I have a database which has my data's that I have been working for months. Now, I want to delete that db. What concern's me is that the data's that I have might come in handy in the future development. So I want to get a backup for this db, where I can get all the data's and table structures in this db as a backup and then delete it.

I am confused about how to do this.

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Have a look at the mysql_dump dump utility (MySQL docu).

Alternatively you can use the Export function of PhpMyAdmin to generate a SQL file containing all you structure and data.

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mysqldump database_name should do the trick.

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Have a look at this one.

 mysqldump -u [username] -p [password] [databasename] > [backupfile.sql]    
    [username] - this is your database username
    [password] - this is the password for your database
    [databasename] - the name of your database
    [backupfile.sql] - the file to which the backup should be written.


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And it would even be much simpler if you have xampp or wampp,because all you would need to do is to export the whole database

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