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environment sql server 2005

In my stored proc i am calling another stored proc to insert several rows into several tables. The last row inserted i want to pass the identity of that row to the original stored proc. I am doing this by using return scope_identity(); My understanding is return is only used for error messages/status codes. Is this a "good" way of doing what I need to do, or is there another "better" way?

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All procedures have an integer return value. Your method would work, there is no hard and fast rule against it.

Alternatively, you could return an output parameter.


create procedure YourProcedure
  @ID output
  insert into YourTable (bunch of values)
  select @ID = scope_identity()

You then call your procedure as follows:

declare @TheID int
exec YourProcedure @TheID output
select @TheID
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There are 3 ways:

  • OUTPUT parameter (as per datagod's answer)
  • RETURN (as you noted)
  • A simple SELECT which can be consumed say with ExecuteScalar

I'd usually use an OUTPUT parameter because it's the lightest way.

Note: If you are inserting several rows into one table and only getting the last IDENTITY there is no guarantee that the previous rows are contiguous

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