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In psql, with \timing on, query times are displayed in milliseconds + hundredths of milliseconds. In MySQL, they are only displayed in seconds + hundredths of seconds. Is there a way to get MySQL to display them in milliseconds too (I'm trying to compare queries, but the small times just come out as zero in MySQL, which isn't very helpful).

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Try set profiling=1; As suggested in… – wkoot Sep 16 '12 at 11:09

For a test/check session you can enable the Slow Query Log and setting the sysvar long_query_time to 0

The minimum and default values of long_query_time are 0 and 10, respectively. The value can be specified to a resolution of microseconds. For logging to a file, times are written including the microseconds part. For logging to tables, only integer times are written; the microseconds part is ignored

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