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I am trying to figure out how to increment a number in a mysqlslap query with every iteratiom.

Let me explain what I exactly mean:

I got a query:

SELECT age FROM member WHERE id = [some number] 

is there a way to write mysqlslap parameter, so it iterates the [some number] while executing the query multiple time ? I do not want to keep doing the same query, as it caches.

I went through the documentation on but did not really find the straight answer to my question.

If there is not mysqlslap solution, maybe there is a way to achieve this with some other tool.

Cheers for help !

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when you say " I do not want to keep doing the same query, as it caches.", are you just concerned with the performance disregarding the query cache? – Derek Downey Oct 15 '12 at 15:30

If you are worried about the performance effect of caching the result in the query cache, you can disable caching in your query by using SQL_NO_CACHE:

SELECT SQL_NO_CACHE age FROM member WHERE id = [some number]
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I would consider the random function.

For instance:

select age 
from member 
where id = FLOOR(RAND()*10000)) 

In this example, 10000 is the maximum id value present in the table.

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