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I want to import a dump file into an Oracle server, SRV1.

Due to space constraints on SRV1, I cannot copy the dump to the server and then import it.

I copied the dump to another Oracle server, SRV2 and tried to execute the impdp command using the tables option.

So I am trying to import from a different server. I am getting the following errors.

What should I do?

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which error message do you get? was the export created with exp or with expdp? What is the version of the database from where the data were exported? which tool you use to import? wich operating system do you run on TGTSVR? – miracle173 Sep 22 '12 at 12:51

That is not possible. The dump file must always be accessible from within the filesystem of the target server (the one where you import).

What you could do, is to setup up a DBLink between the two servers. Then you can do a DataPump directly from one server to the other (using the network_link option) without the need of a file at all.

See the manual for details
And here for an example

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Thanks alot. We will try as suggested. – rao Sep 22 '12 at 14:51

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