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I have a dataset with a calculated field:

 = IIF(String.IsNullOrEmpty(Fields!Event.Value), "\t", Fields!Event.Value) & ", " &   
   IIF(String.IsNullOrEmpty(Fields!Action.Value), "\t", Fields!Action.Value) & ", " & 
   IIF(String.IsNullOrEmpty(Fields!RequestedBy.Value), "\t", Fields!RequestedBy.Value)

This field is then accessed inside a Table within the report using a lookup expression:

=Join(LookupSet(Fields!contactid.Value, Fields!ContactParticipantValue.Value, Fields!RowSummary.Value, "EventRequests"), Environment.NewLine)

When I run this, initially everything works fine and the correct data is shown in the cell. However there is an warning displayed:

Warning 1   [rsRuntimeErrorInExpression] The Value expression for the field ‘RowSummary’ contains an error: (processing): (field.ExprHost != null)  0   

Then if I go to the next page, all of the cells now contain #Error instead of the 'RowSummary' info. If I then go back to the previous page, which used to have all the correct data in it, all of the cells are now replaced with #Error.

I have found a work around whereby I add a hidden list container to the END of the report and set DataSet property to the 'EventRequests' dataset with the calculated field in it. I don't have to add any fields or make this list visible, but somehow just having the list on the report prevents the #Error from replacing all of my data. This does not solve the problem completely because when I go to export to PDF, I still receive errors.

Anyone know why this is happening?

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I have discovered, if I add a table with just the calculated field and make it visible, then I can export the Report without the errors appearing. So if I make the font the same color as the background and the row height as small as possible, I can almost get what I need but I have to live with some empty space at the bottom of my report. – BitFiddler Jul 6 '12 at 17:53
Thank you! I encountered the same problem and it was making my life miserable. Your workaround works pretty well. – confusedKid May 30 '13 at 15:10

It is because it may not have a value at that pariticular field/place so first replace the value providing box with:


Then replace row summary field with the below expression:

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Since comments do not have any formatting, I must use the 'answer' section to comment on Vandana's answer.

Vandana, I'm not sure I understand your answer. I am not using any numbers in my calculated field so I'm not sure how using the "sum" helps in any way?

Also, I am not using a summary row. The Join/LookupSet expression is in a regular row along with all the other data.

The output of my Kludge solution is something like:

First Name     |     Last Name     |     Event,Action,User
   John        |       Doe         |   Christmas, Remove, AdminUser
   Jane        |       Doe         |   Christmas, Add, AdminUser
   John        |       Doe         |   Team Build, Add, JDoeUser
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