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I'm attempting to setup log shipping between two differnet domains. When I attempt to connect to the secondary server instance the primary server fails to connect. If I turn off the windows firewall on the secondary server then I'm able to connect.

I have opened up the following tcp ports on the secondary server windows firewall 1433, 1434, 137, 139, 445

I have opened up the following udp ports on the secondary server windows firewall 137, 138

Are there any other ports or firewall settings that I've missed?

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I was trying to connect to a secondary instance on the server. If I use the primary instance this appears to work. Is there a way to use the secondary instance? I have the secondary instance port open but it is not of course using 1433.

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The server needed to be added to the LMHosts file so that SQL Server could resolve the path to the directory that the Transaction logs were being saved to.

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