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According to this site (, Oracle is only supported on the following Linux distributions:

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat
  • SUSE
  • Asianux

Is there any technical reason that Oracle would perform poorly on a Debian-based install (Ubuntu)? Or is this more about dealing with Oracle from an enterprise support standpoint?

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There is no reason why Oracle would perform badly on Ubuntu (though Oracles OEL kernel has some Oracle-specific optimisations), it's all about enterprise support.

Certification is an expensive and time-consuming task, as is training support workers in each flavour of Linux - that's why the RDBMS is only officially supported on a select number of releases.

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I have installed 11.2 on Ubuntu (in VMWARE) using this set of instructions:

I had to google a few other things, but in general this is by far the best set of instructions I have found. I recommend saving the website and keeping it in a safe place :)

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