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I need to write an export module which marks exported rows as exported. We currently run SQL Server Express 2012, but may switch to Oracle, so I need a client-side approach. We are currently using ASP.NET 4.5.

I have a boolean field named "exported" which is supposed to be set to true.

My idea was to collect all affected rows IDs in an array in the client software and build something like


FOREACH(affectedRowsIDs as affectedRowID)
  $sql = "udpate myRows SET exported = 1 where id = $affectedRowID)
  execute $sql

The problem would be a lot of queries to run.

Different thought:

FOREACH(affectedRowsIDs as affectedRowID)
  $affRows += " , $affectedRowID"

$sql = "udpate myRows SET exported = 1 where id IN ($affRows)"

Could you please give me some feedback how you would do it?

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The best solution will likely depend on your database server. In PostgreSQL, the best way would be something like this:

 BEGIN; -- start transaction
 UPDATE myrows SET exported = true WHERE exported = false
 -- do some work in the app to process these rows
 COMMIT; -- if successful, else ROLLBACK;

If that's not possible, then create a temp table, put the info you want to export in there, update exported based on the records in the temp table, and then commit once the transaction is complete. Remember to clean up your temp table.

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Hello Chris, thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately I forgot to mention my environment. I will add the data to my question. Sorry for the inconvenience. – user4711 Oct 4 '12 at 12:22

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