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So the command I normally use to get a database sent to another server is: mysqldump -u user -p --add-drop-tables database *file*

But I always have to go into the file and add a line at the top: use database;

So that I use the file to import to a different server. Is there a flag in mysqldump to automatically add the use database?

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We do use key '-B ', which adds command 'USE ;'

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Did you try adding: --databases THE_DB_NAME

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Alternatively you can write a small bash script or batch file (depending on OS) with the lines you want to add to the file.

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The flag is --databases

mysqldump -u user -p --add-drop-tables --databases database > *file*

So if you have more than one schema names you need to set which databases with the --databases flag. Then it inserts which one is necessary to be used.

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