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I am cleaning up duplicate indices from (innodb)tables in a mysql database. The database has about 50 tables.

While I can check for duplicate keys using pt-duplicate-key-checker, I was wondering if there is a tool that could help me find out least recently used indices from all the tables.

For eg. , if table "A" has three indices defined "index_1", "index_2" and "index_3", and out of them "index_3" is used least frequently , assume its used every 1/10000 queries made on the table, then the output of the script or tool should be "index_3".

Is there a good way or a tool that could help me run this analysis on the database?

Thanks in advance.

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Starting with MySQL 5.6, the performance_schema instruments Table I/O, and computes aggregated statistics by table, and by index.

See table performance_schema.table_io_waits_summary_by_index_usage:

Finding the least recently used index involves time and timestamps.

The performance schema measure counting I/O against an index. It can be used to find the least often used index, which in practice should be pretty close.

Full example here:!9/c129c/4

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