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I'm very new to PostgreSql and still learning the ropes.

I have a really long script for setting up a new copy of my database. It creates functions, runs them, does some inserts and a bunch of other stuff. When I try to run this entire script in the pgAdminIII Query Tool, it throws an error that doesn't seem to make sense.

ERROR:  syntax error at or near ""
LINE 18: /*

This error gets thrown right after the first alter function owner statement which is after the first create function statement.

If I take each statement out and run them individually then everything runs OK. What gives?

Lines before error:

ALTER FUNCTION table_exists(text) OWNER TO postgres;

Lines at error:

-- Function     : column_exists(text, text)
-- Function output  : true / false

Lines after error:

CREATE FUNCTION column_exists(tablename text, columnname text)
RETURNS boolean AS $$

    RETURN EXISTS (SELECT 1 FROM information_schema.columns WHERE table_name = $1 AND column_name = $2);

$$LANGUAGE plpgsql;
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Can you paste the lines before and after the error is thrown? – DrColossos May 10 '11 at 7:25
Can you run the script in psql? The syntax all looks good as far as I can see - is it possible there are non-visible characters in the script that are causing the error? – Jack Douglas May 10 '11 at 10:50
Maybe an escaping issue? As already mentioned, the syntax is fine, is there any unsecaped " or ' that may be breaking the script or is a " or ' missing? – DrColossos May 10 '11 at 14:38
Shouldn't be an escaping issue or a non-visible script because if I run the statements individually then it seems to be fine. I even tried removing statements one by one starting from the end but it still hits the same error at the same line. – Fung May 11 '11 at 3:48
When you remove the comment is the error still at the same line or has it moved? Have you tried importing it via the command line? – DrColossos May 12 '11 at 13:09
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Per the comment by Fung: was actually some non-visible character at the beginning of each comment. And the reason the statements still worked when run individually was because I was not running them with the comments

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