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Can anyone recommend a good SQL server Monitoring Tool? One which will provide info on, server space usage, CPU usage , expensive queries run etc.

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I have been using SQL Spy 9.0 - Cost is free I also use Utility Explorer from Microsoft - Cost free

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Thanks for those will check them out –  davey Oct 17 '12 at 10:03

I've voted to close this, because it's essentially a poll question, and there isn't a possible "right answer." You should be evaluating the vendors' offerings to see which product best suits your requirements and budget. Nobody can tell you which product will do that best.

The major vendors you want to investigate are:

They all have evaluation versions so you can test them out. In addition to feature sets you'll want to baseline your workloads and check the additional overhead each monitoring solution adds - no monitoring is 100% free.

Disclaimer: I work for SQL Sentry.

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