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How many IP numbers are required for a SQL server active/ active cluster setup also what in the case of an active/ passive setup? Correct me if I am wrong 2 for private network 2 for public network ...... 1 for virtual server IP 1 for SAN 1 for MSdtc

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SQL Server setup requires its IPs and then you have requirements for Windows Cluster setup. The documentation for both is well documented on MSDN and TechNet. – Shawn Melton Oct 18 '12 at 0:49

You are correct

For Multi Instance SQL Cluster (active/active )

1 IP for Windows Cluster

2 IP for SQL Server Virtual Network Name (SQL instance on each node)

1 IP for MSDTC (this is optional however required if you use distributed transaction like linked server)

2 IP for public network (1 per node)

2 IP for heartbeat network (1 per node)

for Single Instance single cluster ( active/passive)

in above instead of two you will only need one IP address for SQL Server virtual network name

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