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I downloaded Oracle installer:

Then I unzipped them in same server on path: C:\Software\Oracle 64 bits\oracle\

As an administrator user and without UAC in Windows, when trying to install Oracle software (not database) I get error which is attached in image file.

enter image description here

Previously I installed Oracle software which I uninstalled before.

Does anyone got a similar error once? What to do in order to install Oracle software?

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For this sort of very specific version-of-software related problems, I would ask on the software vendor's forum first. The chance that you'll find someone who has encountered the same problem is so much higher there. – Colin 't Hart Oct 23 '12 at 17:25
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Did you uncompressed each zip file into its own folder in C:\Software\Oracle 64 bits\oracle\ or into the same folder there? Almost every reference I can find indicates that this problem is caused by the files not being extracted into the same folder.

If you have access to My Oracle Support, there is an article covering this topic - 468771.1.

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Thanks, that was my mistake. I unzipped only first zip file, assuming it will unzip automatically the rest of them. I should unzip each one in same destination folder. – Delmonte Oct 24 '12 at 16:53

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