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I have a MySQL file (apple.sql) that I need to restore to a SQL server 2008 database or at least be able to access the database through mySQL. I have created a linked server mySQL, created an empty database on mySQL. I am not sure how to restore the backup file (apple.sql) to the empty database?? Any ideas?

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Microsoft has a free tool that will help you: – Max Vernon Oct 24 '12 at 15:05

You should download and install MySQL MSI on the Windows machine

By default, root@localhost has no password

Once mysqld.exe appears in the Taks Manager's process list, run the following

C:\> net start mysql
C:\> mysql -uroot -e"CREATE DATABASE apple"
C:\> mysql -uroot -Dapple < apple.sql

Database will be loaded in MySQL

You can check everything afterwards. First, login to mysql

C:\> mysql -uroot

Then run these client commands

mysql> use apple
mysql> show tables

You can set up DTS or any other mechanism for migrating from MySQL to SQL Server

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