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I'm running a postgreSQL 9.2.1 installation in a FreeBSD 9.0 Jail with default settings.

I've configured loader.conf according to this post: i.e.


in /boot/loader.conf

When trying to populate one of my tables;

CREATE TABLE fb_user (
    name TEXT,
    category VARCHAR(100));

With \COPY fb_user(id, name, category) from 'fb_user.csv' with delimiter ',' CSV quote '"';

It runs for a few seconds and then prints:

ERROR:  out of memory
DETAIL:  Cannot enlarge string buffer containing 1073741800 bytes by 40 more bytes.
CONTEXT:  COPY fb_user, line 1

Yes, fb_user.csv is quite large (1.6G and 47'361'855 lines) but should not the \copy function handle that?

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Think I found the error.. My csv had run away lines, trying to fix that and see if it works better. – Fredrik Erlandsson Nov 1 '12 at 18:18

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