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From the following tables:

store(store_id, ...) {1 ..., 2 ...} two stores
film(film_id, ...)
inventory(inventory_id, film_id, store_id)
rental(rental_id, rental_date, inventory_id, return_date, ...)
category(category_id, name)
film_category(film_id, category_id)
film(film_id, rental_duration, rental_rate, ...)
customer(customer_id, store_id, ...)

Can I have a query result on a table just like the following?

CategoryName | "Store 1: available items" | "Store 1: unavaliable items" | "Store 2: avaliable items" | "Store 2: unavaliable items"

Notice that the store fields in the result table are in separate columns not in the same columns !!

I am not looking for the result query, I am looking for how to make them side by side store 1, store 2.

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I don't have the energy to deal with all the joins through all your tables, but the general idea would be to join to the store table twice and check the results.

 SELECT f.film_id,
   CASE when store1.store_id is not null then 'Item exists in store 1' else 'Item missing from store 1' END as 'Store 1 Status'
 FROM film f
 LEFT OUTER JOIN store store1 on f.film_id = store1.film_id AND store1.store_id = 1
 LEFT OUTER JOIN store store2 on f.film_id = store2.film_id AND store2.store_id = 2

This doesn't scale well if you had 100 stores, but for two it wouldn't be evil.

Hope that helps.

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