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I have looked at a few questions posted in stackoverflow




Alternative OpenSource/free to MySQL Cluster Manager Client?

They talk about licensing issues with redistributing MySQL.

My question is a little different. Lets say I have a product which uses databases through jdbc. It can connect to any database MySQL, SQL Server or anything else. And I am not bundling MySQL or any other database with the product.

However, if a customer wants to use MySQL Cluster with my product - can he do so free if he isn't interested in support?

Or if a reseller of my product who gives turnkey solutions to the customer - if they want to install my product & MySQL Cluster at a customer site, can they use MySQL Cluster free of charge without support?

Or is there any other free product which can be used with "MySQL Community Edition" or a similarly free MySQL Edition to provide functionality similar to "MySQL Cluster" if clustering supporting is not necessary.

The customer has a budget enough to pay for MySQL Standard but not for MySQL Cluster & is looking at how to work best within his budget.

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Would recommend completing the inquiry form here and one of the advisors can come back to you with the best advise: http://www.mysql.com/about/contact/

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A lot of folks who work for MySQL seem to be around in this forum. I am not sure why nobody replied here - which would help not just me but also the whole stackexchange community? –  user93353 Nov 8 '12 at 16:22

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