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what is the best choice from those tables??

  • table A : keep DB simple with lower number of tables ... but i will find difficulties if i wanted to extract certain data from column of doses coz it's crowded with age ranges and doses and many routes of admin ... so if i wanted to make analysis for example: all doses given i.v. through all my DB.. i will face difficulties
  • table B : it make things arranges in separated tables, so it will be easier to retrive data easily..but for one point i had many tables and i have to link them to each others
  • now i ask: what is the best way to manage my DB and for querying data from it effectively and easily .. following example A or example B ??? enter image description here
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This is a flat out answer my homework question. I don't mind helping but at least put some thought in before asking. – Zane Nov 8 '12 at 16:38
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I would say, example-B

If you are using example A, then it is meaningless to save raw data in database; you can use plain text!

Example B supports searching for Doses, items related to Fever etc. (In example A you need to parse data).

Reducing the number of tables in a database is not an optimal solution. You have to normalize your data in order to select records based on a heavily conditioned search query (like, get all drugs for adults etc.)

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Option B is correct.

Quite simply: each row/column stores one and only one item of information

A multiple table design is quite normal: it comes out of the normalisation process which starts with option A as your business data model.

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