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How do I modify the user interface language in SQL Server Management Studio?

For instance, if I installed in English, but wish to view in Japanese (to name but one possible example).

I am running this environment in a non-[English-as-a-first-language] environment, and would prefer all my windows to read in my natural language. (my particular natural language isn't really important is it?)

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This might help:

Install SQL Server 2008 R2 on a Multilingual User Interface (MUI) system on MSDN by Peter Saddow

From that link:

In summary:

  • English SQL Server is supported on all localized versions of operating systems
  • Localized versions of SQL Server are supported on the same localized operating system or English system with MUI enabled for the same language.

You can also reinstall it using a different language version of SQL Server.

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To change the language in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 2014:

> Tools > Options... > Environment > International Settings > Language

see the screenshot

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It's good way to change it, but there is nothing about how to add a language to list. – Alex Zhukovskiy Apr 12 at 11:23
You need to change Windows regional standards and language to English. Windows prompt you for restart. -> open SSMS again and you should be good to go – Vojta Apr 13 at 13:13
I installed another lang pack but i still unable to choose english. I want to keep my system language as it is (non-eng) with dev tools using english (MSVS/SSMS and so on). Is it possible? Becuase language pack is on the system but list is still single-element one. – Alex Zhukovskiy Apr 13 at 13:28
My configuration: 1) windows 7 - german 2) SSMS - (installed by someone else) - german 3) regional settings - english -- as you see from screenshoot I do have both options – Vojta Apr 13 at 15:43

You will need to change your regional settings within Windows. Once you set your region and language preference your UI should be updated.

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