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When trying to install a semantic search example, I'm running into a problem.

There are some steps in the example to check if the 'new' Semantic Search and Full Text Search are installed.

Executing the following T-SQL code returns the version '11.0.1153.1.1' of the semantic database.

/* Verify the registration is succeeded */
SELECT * FROM sys.fulltext_semantic_language_statistics_database;

And...the following T-SQL code returns 1, which indicates that Full-Text Search and Semantic Search are installed.

/* Check if Full-Text Search and Semantic Search are installed*/

I also registered the 'language_statistics_db'.

/* Register Language Statistics Database */
EXEC sp_fulltext_semantic_register_language_statistics_db 'semanticsdb';

I'm executing the following T-SQL code to verify if the languages are installed correctly (this is were something odd happens).

/* Check available languages for statistical semantic extraction */
SELECT * FROM sys.fulltext_semantic_languages;

This statement returns no rows, indicating that there are no languages installed. I tried reinstalling the database(s) but with no effect.

Can someone point out to me were I made a mistake?

UPDATE: After unregistering the semantic_language database and registering it using 'master' it worked. No idea why this worked. Why? Someone?

The code that worked for me:

/ * Unregistar language db */ 
EXEC sp_fulltext_semantic_unregister_language_statistics_db

And registering:

/ * register_language db */ 
Use master
EXEC sp_fulltext_semantic_register_language_statistics_db
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