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How can I move a clustered primary key to a new filegroup? I already have found a possible "algorithm" but it is horribly inefficient:

  1. Drop non-clustered indexed (requires them to be resorted and rebuilt)
  2. Drop clustered index (requires the whole table to be resorted)
  3. Create new primary key constraint (huge sort operation)
  4. Create all non-clustered indexes (sorting and writing required)

Is there a more efficient way? This is horribly inefficient and will take a long time as the table is 50GB in size on a weak server.

Isn't there a way to skip all of these and just do a rebuild on a new filegroup? That would not require any sorting of data.

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    ON YourTable(YourColumnList)
ON [YourOtherFileGroup]

This preserves the logical PK property despite it not being mentioned in the syntax.

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I just confirmed this to work. It moves the CI to the new filegroup while not requiring sorting. It also keeps the existing NCI's. Thank you! – usr Nov 18 '12 at 13:44

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