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I am facing a small issue while using PIVOT table. My problem is as following.

I have a single table with the procedures id and their steps and i want all the steps needs to be displayed in 5 column then next seq...

Correct output with where condition inside VIEW

S18CW | 001.000 | **Laser Scribe    | Mark Mask Layer (5500/100)    |PTest w/rework, |dispo, & scrap WAIT state feature |Mark Photostrip    |NBL Mask Layer (5500/100)  |NBL Implant|**

Bold columns are steps for the lot 001.000 so I am using below query to get the above data

    isnull([1],'') as Oper1,
    isnull([2],'') as Oper2,
    isnull([3],'') as Oper3,
    isnull([4],'') as Oper4,
    isnull([5],'') as Oper5
from (
        fl.CallProcTitle AS oper,
        DENSE_RANK() OVER (
            PARTITION BY fl.MainProcSeqNo
            order by CAST(fl2.MainProcSeqNo AS float) * 1000 - CAST(fl.MainProcSeqNo AS float) * 1000
        ) AS nxt
        dbo.PromisAllFlows AS fl
        dbo.PromisAllFlows AS fl2
        fl2.Flow = fl.Flow
        CAST(fl2.MainProcSeqNo AS float) * 1000 - CAST(fl.MainProcSeqNo AS float) * 1000 BETWEEN 1 AND 5000
        **and fl.flow='S18CW'**
) as a 
pivot (
    for nxt in ([1],[2],[3],[4],[5])
) as pvt order by MainProcSeqNo

My problem is when i use WHERE condition inside sub query it is working perfectly but if i use outside of view it gives me wrong output like all the blanks instead of data in pivot table

enter image description here


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