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this is what I am trying to do. Frontend: Excel Backend: SQL server, or mySQl

In excel, I create an array, this array I want to pass into either a temporary cache table or into a new table in a database, using ADO, the object can also be a xml

In excel I want to be able to reference to this table using the unique hex GUID for that ADO object or data table in sql or temporary cache table.

eg, In Excel I see in cell a3 a truncated hex {e3de4456}, this is the address to the table. I will then write functions, and api to use this reference to access the table and manipulate or create new objects.

I understand I need to break the problem down in following parts. A. How to I get the GUID for a table, ADO object etc B. How do I create a random GUID that will work as name of a new table or object. C. How to I pass this GUID into a cell, as a value D. How do I write code in order to retrieve or manipulate the data within the object. Possible keywords: ADO, recordset, persistent

I hope someone out there know what I am talking about and are able to help, I have not been able to find an answer when searching for it.

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Could you describe in a few sentences what's your overall plan with this? Sounds like this setup will cause you much headache - probably somebody can suggest a better one. – dezso Nov 20 '12 at 12:01
Overall plan is to create database objects in excel and treat them as objects, like Cubes and work with and create these object as a table within a cell. – Zer7 Nov 20 '12 at 23:18
Overall plan is to create table objects within cells in excel, like 2 dimensional Cubes. A cell with a GUID name/link will tell that that cell contains a table. Let me ask one question first that I have been surfing for the whole day. How do I get the GUID for a created table object (the whole table)? I knew I can name a temdb and use NEWID() to generate the name, but I think that any object created already are assigned a GUID, and how to I retreive that GUID, such as get_id()? This would help me to make a request to a GUID that will retrieve the table. – Zer7 Nov 20 '12 at 23:30

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