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What are the reasons that lead to terrible high Paging faults.

The following is the topas information and background about the Environment.

OS: AIX 6.1 
Softwares: Oracle 11gR2
Paging Space:30720 MB , %Used 0, %Free 100
Real,MB 31616 ; %Comp 58; %Noncomp 33; %Client 33;

Network KBPS    I-Pack   O-Pack   KB-In  KB-Out
Total   592.0   1837.0   1595.0   289.5  302.5

Disk    Busy%   KBPS     TPS      KB-Read  KB-Write
Total   23.0    684.0    122.0    0.0      684.0

CPU is always below 50% loading.The problem occurs where the PAGING Faults goes up to 32362K

Steals  PgspIn  PgspOut PageIn PageOut Sios 
0        0       0         0     141   139

Cswitch     4094  
Syscall    47816
Reads       4585
Writes      1732
Forks         16
Execs          9
Runqueue     2.5
Waitqueue    0.0

Application Environment:
The application has a heavy writing and updating job for some table A. Some records on the table A will be deleted on a scheduler. Delete operations will be executed on each hour abour 5~10 times. Insert operations happen almost 70~100 times/second.
The number of records on table is near 13 million, which have 3 indicies.(almost ~2G) Updating usually happens 5~10 times /min.

VMM settings follows the AIX 6.0 default setting.Use 4k and 64K page size.It seems that use no record swap out to the paging space.

VMM memory load control whose level is the

memory_max_target big integer 25152M . Oracle database memory use automatical management but the Parse time CPU to parse time elapsed = 0.07921 the db block changes has high value.

Can anyone can give some suggestions / hints to help me?
I need some experienced DBA to help me.

In addition, the application uses the connection-pool to keep near 350 connections. (proxool & c3p0 )

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What is the problem exactly? (I.e. why does this high page-fault rate bother you?) – Mat Nov 29 '12 at 12:51
I think it seems that some problem lead the high page faults. – Futility Nov 30 '12 at 7:22
High pages faults in itself isn't a problem. What actual problem are you facing that lead you to these investigations? – Mat Nov 30 '12 at 10:24
I don't know if this is the problem, that redo buffer has 13MB, but (redo log space requests/the redo writes)*100 ~=50. – Futility Nov 30 '12 at 12:02
Tapos shows that the file system has dramatic TPS, it is up to 450 sometimes. Almost two-time writing leads to one-time active log file full event happening. I think it maybe the LOG_BUFFER two small. But, the DB is still work....... – Futility Nov 30 '12 at 12:15

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