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Is it possible to get the field type from a MySQL query, in the same way you can get it from a table with the SHOW COLUMNS command?

edit: i should clarify that a bit. I am aware that I can get the field types PER TABLE with the methods suggested below. However I would need the field types from query results that combine fields from multiple tables via Joins and Unions. I was hoping there was something similar to the EXPLAIN command that could do the work for me. I really don't want to parse the SQL query myself, find involved tables and fields and then look up information_schema for the fields I found there...

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There isn't a comparable way to hand a query to MySQL and ask it to return a resultset containing the names and attributes of the columns that your query will return when it is executed.

However, the library you're using to access MySQL probably has such a mechanism that your code could use... because on the wire, MySQL does return this information to clients with every executed query.

By way of example, the DBD::mysql library in Perl returns arrays of column names and data types.

An executed statement handle returns an array of the column names in @{$sth->{NAME}} and array of the column data types in @{$sth->{mysql_type_name}}. It gets these from functions provided by the MySQL C API, which (as far as I know) is the same underlying code used by a lot of different languages for their MySQL libraries... so I would expect similar structures to be exposed in other environments.

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Within MySQL, you can get this information by creating a temporary table:

FROM ...
DESCRIBE `temp`;

We cannot just use DESCRIBE on the original table because the column we want to know the type of is a calculated column, not something being directly pulled from a table. The question is specifically about getting the resulting types of a SQL query, without having to go back to the original tables.

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SELECT column_name, data_type,character_maximum_length 
WHERE TABLE_NAME = 'yourTable' and TABLE_SCHEMA='yourDBname';
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The question, as I read it is about getting details on the columns in a resultset, as opposed to the columns of database tables.

If you are using PHP, there are built-in functions for accessing databases with MYSQLI and PDO which can give you detailed information (data type and so forth) about the columns in a query result (as opposed to the columns of the original tables).

For details about these methods see the PHP documentation:

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Use INFORMATION_SCHEMA.COLUMNS table to retrive the field type.

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