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For a table T in schema S, how do I use the unload command to export T data into a IXF file? The IBM DB2 documentation isn't very helpful for this simple case.

I am trying to compare performance between the export command and the unload command. This is on DB2 9.7 for AIX

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Ah ok.

If you are referring to the UNLOAD command, that is only available on DB2 for z/OS. DB2 LUW does not have an UNLOAD command....except if you purchase IBM's separate product Optim High Performance Unload. (I am assuming you are wishing to use that?)

Optim High Performance Unload uses the db2hpu command. And though we do not use the tool where I work, it appears that the syntax you are after is the following:

db2hpu -t 'S.T' -d <database-name> -format ixf -m 'filesystem/messages.MSGS' -o 'filesystem/myfile.IXF'
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I edited my post. Basically I already use the export command, I want to try an equivalent unload command to compare performance – Gabriel R. Dec 21 '12 at 14:24

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