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I've recently finished a project, during which many DB tables were created.

Most of these tables contain temporary garbage, and I am looking for a simple way to list all these tables.

Is there a way to list all DB tables sorted according to their creation date?

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Found this on Stackoverflow:

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Yes it is possible - with limitations.


for further information


            FROM pg_ls_dir('./base') 
            WHERE pg_ls_dir <> 'pgsql_tmp' 
            AND  pg_ls_dir::int  <= (SELECT relfilenode FROM pg_class WHERE relname ILIKE table_name)
        ) as folder 

        ,(SELECT relfilenode FROM pg_class WHERE relname ILIKE table_name) filenode

    FROM information_schema.tables
    WHERE table_type = 'BASE TABLE'
    AND table_schema = 'public'

        SELECT creation 
        FROM pg_stat_file(
            './base/' || folder || '/' || filenode 
    ) as creation_time
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No, that's not possible as far as I know.

That value is not stored in any of the system tables (would be nice though).

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This query

select pslo.stasubtype, pc.relname, pslo.statime
from pg_stat_last_operation pslo
join pg_class pc on(pc.relfilenode = pslo.objid)
and pslo.staactionname = 'CREATE'
order by pslo.statime desc 

will help surely.

NB: It works only on greenplum.

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