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Is there any way of viewing an account's remaining resources that are allocated to it? I setup an account that's allowed 7200 queries an hour. At any point, could I then run a query to find out how many remaining queries it's allowed?

MySQL must be storing this information somewhere as FLUSH USER_RESOURCES; will reset the counters however, I tried a few variants such as SHOW USER_RESOURCES and they don't seem to display anything. I've also hunted around information_schema and mysql tables.

Is it just not possible to retrieve that information?

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User resources are store in "mysql.user" table :

SELECT max_questions, 
FROM   mysql.user 
WHERE  user = 'myuser'
AND    host = '%';


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To get exact data, you may try enabling log (legacy as general-log). And rotate the log file every one hr. Develop a shell script to get the lines matching for your query and subtract it with 7200 returning value stays as your remaining queries. (NOTE: Ensure log file size shouldn't reduce server cpu much).

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