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Is there an option that can change the "exit external editor -> query runs automatically" behaviour of the psql \e switch ? (Other than intentionally mangling the query syntax).

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Don't add a semicolon (;) and you are fine. I quote the manual about the \e or \edit meta-command here:

... if the query ends with (or contains) a semicolon, it is immediately executed. Otherwise it will merely wait in the query buffer; type semicolon or \g to send it, or \r to cancel.

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If you have many request and some semicolons use Transaction :

In psql open editor mode \e:

-- at start of edited text 
-- ...  your requests here
-- save exit

Back to psql : your requests are executed but change are not written :

If all is OK, save changes with :


else If you have errors or want to cancel :

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You can always prefix the query with the postgres comment string:

--select foo from bar;

and the query will not run but will be available in the psql deadline history buffer for editing.

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