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Forgive this simple SQL Server question, but if I just want to remove a single stored procedure from snapshop replication (2008 SQL Server R2), if I call sp_droparticle, will it invalidate the entire snapshot, or just the snapshot on that article?

IE, I've got a big database, and I don't want to force a full snapshot generation again, does sp_droparticle only affect the snapshot for that single object?

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The idea of a snapshot is a point-in-time copy of the entire publication, so once you make a change that affects the snapshot, it's no longer valid in its entirety.

From here:

Dropping an article from a publication involves dropping the article and creating a new snapshot for the publication. Dropping an article invalidates the current snapshot; therefore a new snapshot must be created.

Once you call sp_droparticle and invalidate the snapshot, the publication cannot be subscribed to again until a new snapshot is generated.

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