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Possible Duplicate:
Files - in the database or not?

I Want to store a file into sql server 2008 from TSQL (Management Studio). I Know the file saving into varbinary column can be done by using the .NET

But I want to do this from Management Studio.

In C# and VB.NET we saving file into varbinary column by using ReadAllBytes()

How I can achieve this in Management Studio

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Something like this? Insert image into database

Please read about File Stream too.

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Check my answer on this question

Which is good Pratice storing a uploaded File in DB or storing it in Filesystem

Guidelines for using filestream

Filestream in Sql Server 2008 Express


If you just need a solution to load a file in sql server and save it to a table, here're some approaches to achieve this

SQL SERVER – Import CSV File Into SQL Server Using Bulk Insert – Load Comma Delimited File Into SQL Server

Different Options for Importing Data into SQL Server

How To Store Any File into SQL Database

Here's a sample query

FROM 'c:\test.txt'

Good Luck!

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