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We're working on migrating our database (~400 tables) from SQL 2008 R2 to SQL Azure. We're currently in the proof-of-concept stage, figuring out the process we'll be following. We have a process that we think is solid but I'd like to perform some validation diffs on both schema and data to confirm that we have a successful migration. I've never done this before with SQL Azure and am looking for a good tool to do this. I'd love if it's a free tool but we can pay for it if necessary. Ultimately, this is a one-time migration (we'll do it a few times but the real migration will only be done once).

Whatcha got?

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Have you looked at SQL Server Data Tools? This has schema compare built-in, and can also identify objects and language constructs in your on-premises database that aren't compatible with Azure. It is free to download from Microsoft.

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No, I didn't. I'll check this out. Thanks! – Jaxidian Jan 15 '13 at 16:09

Redgate SQL Compare appears to do this decently well. I'm still nailing down the settings to ignore certain thing (like NOT FOR REPLICATION) but at a glance, this seems like the tool I want.

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Liquibase is another option. Open Source and the price is right. It's also useful for migrating between SQL Server and other Databases.

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