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I am trying to add new articles to an existing publication in SQL Server 2012.

I am adding the article to the publication with the syntax

--add the table into the correct publication
sp_addarticle @publication='<publicationname>', @article='CardBookingType_tbl', @source_object='CardBookingType_tbl'

Previously on SQL Server 2008 I used to use the following syntax to subscribe to 1 table only and then run the snapshot. This no longers work on SQL 2012 as you have to subscribe to all articles.

--add the table into the subscription
EXEC sp_addsubscription
        @publication = '<publicationname>',
        @subscriber = '<Servername>',
        @destination_db = '<dbname>'


In SQL Server 2012, if I add the table via the GUI and then run the snapshot agent it picks up the new table fine. But if I add via the script it appears in the gui but the snapshot reports no new items were detected.

Seems like I am missing a piece of code to flag the subscribers as missing a article?

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I have experienced this several times now, where I have added a new article into an existing publication, added a subscription from all subscribers and then ran the snapshot agent on my remote distributor.

Sometimes the snapshot is not detected by any subscriber, sometimes by a apparently random selection of subscribers! I have not witnessed any pattern (I have 6 and its seems to happen on any of them from time to time).

I have not discovered the root cause, but the remedy is simple if not frustrating. Dropping the subscriptions from the subscribers that have not detected the new snapshot and re-adding the subscription before running the snapshot a 2nd time resolved the issue.

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a reoccurance of this today, to resolve I dropped the number of my subscribers down to 4 (we add extra ones in for peak trading months) and it wored fine, happen 4 times in a row, so its either a problem with 1 specific subscriber which blocks all subscribers or just having 6-7+ subscribers on SQL 2012 –  DamagedGoods Jul 31 '13 at 8:05

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